Sunday , December 6 2020

About ISPA

ISPA (Indonesian Smelter & Mineral Processing Association) is an association of companies, organization or individual in the mineral sector of Indonesia, is engaged in mining and refining industries.

ISPA assisted the government with relevant regulations of processing and refining activities and the increase in value-added mineral and coal.

Increase national awareness, foster and maintain harmony, develop skills through training and seminars, resource center of mining and processing and refining activities.

ISPA was initiated by DR. Sukhyar in Bali in Octber 2014, founding members was formed on Feb 4, 2015 at Jakarta Grand Hyatt during Smelter Summit. Preparation meetings was held, concept and Article of association been discussed, Management board candidates is formed.


Since 2004, Indonesia banned export of raw mineral; over US$ 50 billion are invested in smelter & Mineral processing sector in the next 5 years; ISPA is set up to serve the existing and new investors, and help Government on policy & Incentives.

  • China will play increasing role with over US$30 billion potential investment;
    • Tsingsan Bintang delapan US$5 Billion
    • Weichiao Harita US$ 5B Alumina plant in ketapang
    • Nansan Bintan Alumina US$5B integrated alumina plants
    • Hangzhou Jinjiang ketapang US$5 B Alumina plant
    • Fuhai Mega Top US$3 billion integrated pig iron steel integrated plants.
    • Delong konawe, US$5 billion NPI and stainless plant
    • Harita xinxing NPI Plant in Halmahera
    • Hanking Konut, Hengsun NPI plant in Sulawesi
    • Huadi Bantaeng, Macro link, Yinyi, pan China etc. over US$10 Billion
    • Potential investors: Bao steel, sino steel China Aluminum etc.
  • Freeport, Newmount, Vale, smelting, Mitsubishi, US$10 billion + investment.
  • Australian, Japanese, Korean, Russian etc. also plan to invest,
  • Indonesian companies Antam, Indoferro, Modern, Finna group etc. US$ 2 Billion


  • US$100 billion of Economic power (Rp. 1,200 Trillion) with multiplier effect
  • one million workforce will be created,
  • US$30 billion of annual export revenue or import substitution
  • More power and infrastructure to be built to serve Mineral processing sector