Sunday , December 6 2020

Vision & Mission

Toward sustainable Mineral processing world


To make Indonesia as a world class sustainable player in multi Mineral commodities Processing Sector; Nickel, Alumina, Tin, Copper, Iron, steel, Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead, Coal, Limestone, Zircon etc.


  • To Cooperate with Government, Parliament, and all stake holders to improve and implement all mineral related policy, law, and regulation to maximize the benefit of Indonesian.
  • To define and implement Indonesian Road map on mineral processing sector,
  • Utilize Indonesian Mineral resource for the best interest of Indonesian and mankind.


  • To develop few cluster mineral processing center across Indonesia.
  • To support members to resolve to find right location, obtain license, to resolve hard and soft infrastructure
  • To help investor to source right mine quality and deposit & obtain license
  • To identify sustainable technology and policy
  • Business matching – to help investor find the right local partner and vice versa