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The 5th Asia Pacific Steel and Ferro-Alloy Conference

The 5th Asia-Pacific Steel and Ferroalloy Conference held at the Luwansa Hotel in Jakarta from March 14 to 16 has been successfully concluded. The Foshan Metal Materials Industry Association has provided full support. The mainstream media such as the Indonesian Business Daily have carried out special reports. Relevant parties from China and Indonesia, as well as conference guests from all parts of the world, have highly praised them in different ways. Most of the participants considered that the meeting was very good, with high specifications, broad topics, clear interpretation, and clear-cut views. The Indonesian market has great potential, and it recognizes the need for professional operation and solid progress.

Special thanks to Hong Changjun, Chairman of Indonesian Goldscale Nickel Industry Co., Ltd., and Martin Ko, President of PT.TIMOR NATURAL RESOURCES

This conference is jointly organized by the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry KADIN, the Indonesian Association of Smelters ISPA, the Indonesian Landi think tank and the China Ferroalloy Network . Sincere thanks to the relevant parties and guests for their support. In the future, based on the existing experience, we will continue to improve, improve continuously, and strive to improve. We will strive to hold one session each year in Jakarta to promote the relationship between China and Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific region. The exchange of iron and steel metallurgy, stainless steel, etc., assisted Chinese companies to boldly “go global” along the “One Belt and One Road” and to carry out extensive cooperation with relevant parties in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific region to invest in the industry.

The Indonesian media paid attention to this session. On March 15 and 16,major newspapers such as the Indonesian Business Daily took special reports and gave detailed reports.

Wang Guimao, deputy general manager of Guangdong Shichuang Technology, Chen Yu, general manager of Yangcheng Technology, and Wu Jianping, general manager of Rongjie Investment

Foshan Metal Materials Industry Association sincerely thanks Zunxian Stainless Steel Group (Indonesia Goldscale Nickel Industry Co., Ltd.), Guangdong Shichuang Technology, China Minmetals Stainless Steel Department, Wangwang Investment Group, Meiling Investment Group, Xiangyu Group, and Hongsheng Trade Co., Ltd. Group, Xiamen International Trade, Guangxin Shengte, Yuanxinghong Mould, Chenyou Stainless Steel Group (Foshan Chunsheng Metallurgical Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.), Yangcheng Technology, Taiji Environmental Protection, China Run Environmental Protection Technology, Xinhualian Mining, ZTE Carbon, PT.TIMOR, Yuexin Cheng and other stainless steel industry chain participating units strongly support.

Shichuang Technology, Yuanxinghong Mould, Chunsheng Machinery, Taiji Environmental Protection, and ZTE Carbon exhibited corporate style and product features through exhibition boards, roll-ups, video and audio recordings, etc. Introduction to the publication insert.

Dr. Totok, Assistant Minister of Indonesia’s Economic Co-ordination Department, attended the meeting

On the afternoon of March 14th, Wu Yongsheng, vice chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and executive chairman of the Indonesian Smelting Association, held a special “Belt and Road” special council at the Luwansa Hotel. Indonesia’s high-level government officials and senior executives related to smelting, energy, etc. There will be heated discussions, analysis and discussion, and many consensuses have been formed.

March 15 was an official meeting and nearly 300 people were present at the meeting. The theme of the meeting in the morning was “Energy and Smelting,” chaired by Wu Yongsheng, Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. One of the organizers, Liu Zhengzhi, Chairman of China Ferroalloy Network, delivered a warm speech and thanked HKTDC, Bank of China Indonesia Branch, Inalum, Guangdong Shichuang Technology and other units for their strong support and friendship sponsorship. The theme of the meeting in the afternoon was “Ni-and-Stainless Steel Industry Chain”, chaired by Li Qiang, Executive Chairman of Foshan Metal Materials Industry Association.

The highlights of some of the speakers on the March 15 formal meeting are as follows:

Chairman Liu Zhengzhi of China Ferroalloy Network made an opening speech
Indonesian ambassador Joe Harrie made a speech
Bambang Gatot Ariyono, Director of Minerals Coal Mine of Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Minerals (ESDM) spoke on the downstream development of the mining industry
Ahmad Kurnia, Special Officer, Ministry of Industry of Indonesia, spoke on China’s investment opportunities and challenges
Secretary of Metal Industry of Indonesian Ministry of Industry Harjanto addresses smelting and energy development
Nick Wright, Senior Executive of Sarawak Power Company in Malaysia, explains hydropower development
Intalum Managing Director Dante Sinaga Addresses Aluminum Industry Development
Chairman Wu Yongsheng chairs the High-end Forum on Energy and Smelting
Indonesian power representatives ADI, Vice Chairman of the China-China Chamber of Commerce Zhang Yuhong, Weiqiao Group representative Jin Jinjun, Hangzhou Jinjiang Group compliance Shanhai, Kingdee General Manager Shang Yu, etc. participated in the forum exchange to share their investment experience in Indonesia
Speech by Liu Hongxing, General Manager of China Minmetals Stainless Steel Department
Speech by Zhu Mingchao, General Manager of Supply and Marketing Center of Hongwang Investment Group Co., Ltd.
Liao Zhiyan, Deputy Director of Marketing, Guangdong Shichuang Metal Technology Co., Ltd. Lecture: Application of Stainless Steel Cold Rolling and Annealing Technology
Chairman of Zhejiang Liqin Investment Co., Ltd. Cai Jianyong Lecture: Prospect of Nickel Industry
Ricardo, Director of Market Statistics Research, International Nickel Research Group (INSG) Lecture: Nickel Market Watch
Shanghai Yanfeng Minerals Co., Ltd. General Manager Hot Springs Speech
Tian Yawei, Analyst, Ferroalloy, China: Market Review and Outlook for Ferrosilicon and Silicon Manganese
Li Qiang, Executive Chairman of the Foshan Metal Materials Industry Association: 2018 Spring and Summer Chromium Market Outlook
Vice Chairman of KADIN Wu Yongsheng, President of New Hualian Mining Liu Zhaoheng, Vice President of Vale Steve Brown, and Analyst of Norlisk participated in the forum to exchange opportunities for Indonesia’s nickel-iron industry
Chen Chen, General Manager of Guangdong Yangcheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. spoke in the afternoon of March 14th dialogue

Conference Highlights:

Chairman of Guangdong Hongyusheng Business Group Co., Ltd. Peng Wenyi, President Wang Junyong: two handsome guys
Three handsome guys in stainless steel industry: Yang Zhikang, CEO of Meiling Investment Group, Zhu Mingchao, General Manager of Hongwang Group Supply and Marketing Center, and Liu Hongxing, General Manager of China Minmetals Stainless Steel Department
Zhou Baogang, deputy general manager of Zhongxing Carbon, Shi Yuezhan, general manager of Tai Chi Environmental Protection, and Yu Guangxin, chairman of China Run Science and Technology Co., Ltd.: Three joint ventures are an industrial chain.
Yu Guangxin, Chairman of Tianjin Zhongrun Technology Co., Ltd., Yang Chen, General Manager of Yangcheng Technology, and Mei Li, the manager of US-China Tianjin International Trade Co., Ltd. are the focus. Han Zhenhua, deputy general manager of Lanzhou Sunshine Carbon Group, and Liu Yong and Yue Xincheng, representatives of Jinchuan Group, Indonesia General manager Wang Jiacai etc
Mr. Zhu Zhiwei, Chairman of Chenyou Stainless Steel Group (Chairman of Chunsheng Metallurgical Machinery Equipment) and Zhu Mingchao, General Manager of Hongwang Group Supply and Marketing Center: Where to go, where there is a gas field
On the morning of March 14th, before the meeting: Antam communicates with the Chinese side
Foshan Chai Lihua, Chairman of Foshan Yuanxing Hongwei Tube Machinery Mould Co., Ltd.: The Indonesian market has long been widening
Hongwang Group, Meiling Group, Xiangyu, Xiamen International Trade’s participating team: strict discipline
Infishdeco’s Assistant General Manager Chi Bing, Ferroalloy’s Chairman Liu Zhengzhi, Yicheng International’s General Manager Sun Guifang and other exchanges of nickel ore and nickel-iron cooperation

After the event:

Reception dinner toast to celebrate a successful meeting
Wang Anyou, chief engineer of Bossa Group Chongqing Dalang Metallurgical New Material Co., Ltd. listens carefully to the guests
On the morning of March 16th, some of the participants exchanged ideas with Antam.
On the afternoon of March 16th, some participants attended the VALE Indonesia headquarters exchange
On the evening of March 16th, at the invitation of Hong Changjun, chairman of Jinlin Nickel Industry, some participants attended the party before returning home.
General Manager Chen Jun and Deputy General Manager Ye Wei of Guanghan City Haihai Carbon Products Co., Ltd. were happy

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