Friday , January 15 2021

Benefits of Membership ISPA

  1. Platinum Club Benefit:
    • Priority to use executive office and service
    • Be part of the strategic team, be the first to know Government policy news
    • Priority to arrange meeting with any senior government officer
    • Priority to be senior officers
  2. Ordinary Member (Gold Member):
    • Many of them committed already.


  1. Extending Insights on Smelter & Minerals, through discussions on the mailing list members ISPA, ISPA Bulletin, Website or in events organized by the ISPA, such as Interactive Discussion, Seminar, Congress and of the Institution which cooperate with ISPA and others
  2. Expand Network Smelter & Mineral particular field, both locally and internationally, such as the National Conference, etc
  3. Getting the results of the International Meeting Smelter & Mineral fields, such as Presentation Results
  4. Receive ISPA Bulletin and other publications, such as the results of National Congress and others
  5. Waivers registration to attend events at no charge for certain events
  6. Priority for Corporate Members & Main, if the person has a special advice and input to the House of Representatives to a particular policy
  7. Especially is networking, regulatory advocacy, ease of doing business, increase knowledge / sharing, and more.