Sunday , December 6 2020


[ISPA] Company Membership Application Form

Membership company ISPA limited to companies which hold a percentage in terms of Smelter & Minerals in Indonesia and those interested in the rights that have been recognized by the Government of Indonesia.

Please fill in this capital letters and circle your chois.
    1. Any company or Individual involves in Smelter and Mineral Processing sector in Indonesia and who is:
    a. Committed to invest, and to serve downstream development in Mineral sector.
    b. Willing to commit on the CSR, Community development, Green technology.
    c. Obeying Indonesian and International law and norm.
    d. Willing to support actively and financially on the operation of ISPA)
    e. Plus registration fee. Equal to two months membership to cover initial office set up cost.

    2. Stake holders: GABC - Government, Academics, Business, and community.

    3. Smelters and Services to Smelter Sector.

    4. International, foreign, and local institution or individual.

    5. Any member could be qualified as officers of ISPA, Priority given to Smelter companies.

    6. Association should be professionally run, and financially independent, don’t expect Government to finance the study and activities.
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