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ISPA and Jababeka Held Metal and Energy Roundtable Meeting

JAKARTA, – ISPA (Indonesian Smelter & Mineral Processing Association) in collaboration with Jababeka Group hosted a gathering on Tuesday, May 7th, 2019, in President Lounge, Menara Batavia, Jakarta. The event brought together 50 and more representatives of businessman and government from related fields to hear and share ideas under the overarching theme of “Metal & Energy Round Table Meeting”.

ISPA (Indonesian Smelter & Mineral Processing Association) is an association of companies, organization or individual in the mineral sector of Indonesia. ISPA was originally initiated by DR. Sukhyar in Bali, October 2014 and was formed a year later during Smelter Summit in Grand Hyatt, Jakarta on February 4th, 2015.

The event aims to assist the government with relevant regulations of processing and refining activities and the increase in value-added mineral and coal. “We want to assist the government and help the businessman to work aligned together with the government because we can give a suggestion from our point of view to be considered by the government when making regulations,” said Vince Gowan as the ISPA Executive Chairman.

The Chairman of Jababeka Group and Founder of President Executive Club, S.D. Darmono, gave an opening speech about the importance of transparency and communication between the businessman and the government to build the Nation together. He also talked about the opportunity of Indonesia becoming the leader in Steel production and technology because China starts to reduce their steel production.

This event was filled by several speakers which are Yudi Prabangkara (Assistant Deputy for Mining and Energy Infrastructure Kemenko Maritim), Alexander Barus (CEO of Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park, IMIP), Rizal Kasli (Ketua Umum Perhimpunan Ahli Pertambangan Indonesia, PERHAPI), Sanny Iskandar (Chairman of Industrial Estate Association of Indonesia, HKI), and Nicholas Chong (Senior Manager, Key Accounts Development, Sarawak Energy Berhad).

Alexander Barus shares about how his company PT Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park (PT IMIP) managed the industrial waste in Morowali Regency, Central Sulawesi.

Rizal Kasli talked about how to Increased Exploration and Investment in the Indonesian Mining Sector. Sanny Iskandar was also talked about Development and Opportunities for Investment of Metal Industries inside Industrial Estates in Indonesia.

And lastly, Nicholas Chong from Sarawak Energy spoke about Powerhouse for Energy Intensive Industry in Borneo and beyond.

An open forum at the end of the event served as a way for the participants to clarify certain issues, consults, and give suggestions. “This event encourages us as a businessman that we can communicate with the government through this of gathering and also enlighten us about mineral and energy sector,” said Safrizal Akbar as the Executive Director of President Executive Club. (PEC-DRN)

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