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Antaike – Alumina & Aluminum Monthly ( July 2015 ) No. 223

Antaike: Alumina & Aluminum Monthly (July 2015) No. 223 – The Most Essential and Authoritative Source for Chinese Metals Market.

Shandong Weiqiao: 600 KA aluminum potline running smoothly Shandong Weiqiao Group’s first 600 KA pre-baked aluminum reduction potline has been well running since the company commissioned the potline at the end of 2014, according to source from the company.

Recently, an inspection team comprising of officials and experts from China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNIA) and Chinese Academy of Engineering made a conclusion that the company’s 600 KA potline, called as NEUI 600ka, is the first one of its kind in commercial operation in the world. The inspection team encourages new aluminum smelting projects to adopt NEUI 600ka technology because of the advanced technical and economic indexes: current efficiency, 94.6% and DC consumption, 12443kWh/t-Al. The 600ka aluminum potline is designed by Shenyang-based Northeastern University Engineering & Research Institute Co., Ltd (abbreviated to NEUI).

Besides, the company has attached great importance to environmental protection. The company has used 8 sets of 600MW coal-fired ultra-supercritical generation unit to replace backward generation units. The emission of the offgas reaches the standard for natural gas-fired power generation unit.

The company’s aluminum smelting capacity was about 2.96 million tpy at the end of 2013 and increased to 4.02 million tpy in 2014. The company’s primary aluminum output will still grow this year. It is expected that the aluminum smelting capacity in operation will reach about 4.5 million tpy in 2015.

Candlestick Chart of SHFE 3-Months Aluminum Futures Contract Price, Trade Volume, Open Interest (yuan/t, tax included; 10k lots)
Candlestick Chart of SHFE 3-Months Aluminum Futures Contract Price, Trade Volume, Open Interest (yuan/t, tax included; 10k lots)


China’s central bank cut both the requirement reserve ratio (RRR) and benchmark interest rates on June 26. It is the third RRR reduction in recent five months, and the fourth round of interest cuts in recent seven months.

Thanks to a series of easing policies, China’s economy growth has gradually gathered momentum. As to the domestic market, the surplus has gradually decreased due to pickup in demand for the light metal although the domestic primary aluminum production maintains fast growth at the same time.

However, LME aluminum largely declines in recent two months, causing a rise in the SHFE/LME price ratio. This may trigger large amount of arbitrage trading: buying aluminum in LME and selling in SHFE.

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