Sunday , December 6 2020

Scope of Work

  1. Government Partner:
    • Friendly partner of Indonesian Government
    • To access relevant government departments and credibility to ensure the productive service provided by Government
    • To facilitate Industry with Government for national development
    • To push Mineral processing Sector via both Pyro (Smelter) Hydro, & other technology for multi commodities
  2. Smelter, Mineral Process & Services:
    • ISPA be organized and operated by Smelter, Smelter Services institutions
    • Sustainable strategy: To define a clear Strategy to build sustainable and economically competitive smelting Indonesia for Domestic and Global market
    • Technology: To combine the technical strength of International and national expertise to develop refinery technology suitable for Indonesia.
  3. International: To help International and local Stake holders to invest and operate smelters in Indonesia.
  4. Law & Regulation: To facilitate and communicate among Government and stake holders to interpret and implement general mineral processing Policy, Law, PP, kepmen (Ministerial Decree), and technology, and related areas.
  5. Road map: To help stake holders to define the roadmap of smelter sector
  6. Multi mineral: To involve multi mineral products, Copper, Nickel, Iron sand, Iron ore, Bauxite, Manganese, Tin, Galena, lime stones, steel products etc. from upstream to downstream
  7. Energy & Port: To concern and follow the development of Energy, ports, logistic, and general infrastructure.
  8. Across Indonesia: To cover multi areas across Indonesia, and encourage Global cooperation.
  9. Business matching: To help International and local investors to get the right partners, right location, mine source, technology, and bankers.
  10. Human Resource Development: Cooperate with Government to develop human resources & soft infrastructure in the smelter sector.