Sunday , December 6 2020

History of Smelter & Mineral in Indonesia

ISPA was initiated by DR. Sukhyar in Bali in Octber 2014, founding members was formed on Feb 4, 2015 at Jakarta Grand Hyatt during Smelter Summit. Preparation meetings was held, concept and Article of association been discussed, Management board candidates is formed.

Background – Current Smelter development

  1. After the implementation of law #4, 2009 in 2014, Indonesian Mineral sector has moved from mainly mining activity to mineral processing Industry.
  2. Dynamic development: ESDM received 120+ smelter applications in 2013, many dropped out, many new players. Metal price continue to fluctuate.
  3. Proposal to amend the current mineral related laws, policy, and regulations requested by Kadin.
  4. The forming of ISPA has received tremendous support.
  5. This concept is written for discussion purpose, and will be updated continuously.