Monday , October 26 2020
Source: Antaike

Updated Nickel and Stainless Steel Information in China for Your Reference

Dear ISPA Community, Enclosed please find the updated nickel information in China for your reference; LME price went down to below US$11,000 was the lowest since 2009. but the global demand for stainless steel remains growing steadily at 6-8%.

I believe the investment of NPI smelter in Indonesia will still be continued. Market price of Nickel ore in China based on 1.8% is at US$80, while in Indonesia is at available at below US$30/ton. Some miners are selling stock Nickle ore at US$15. Kadin and ISPA will continue to support the downstream development of MIneral Industry.

We will be supporting few Nickel conferences in September and November organized by International event organizer,  please let us know if you need further information.

Please download here!

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